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STEM 620

cado Humidifier
Room size: ~ 27 m²



The main body or stalk of a plant or shrub, typically rising above ground but occasionally subterranean.

“Stem.” Oxford Dictionaries. (February 2019)

Moisture that nourishes.

In nature, plants gently pull water from the soil, drawing moisture up through the roots and stem to nourish the entire plant and help it flourish. In the same way, the STEM fills your whole room with replenishing moisture.



Why cado uses an ultrasonic system.

1. Micromist for safety and peace of mind
Ultrasonic waves are used to offer a powerful humidifying capacity of up to 600 mL/h, spraying a micromist that spreads throughout the room. Burns are not a concern as the mist is dispensed at ordinary temperature, and since its water particles are extremely fine, they do not wet furniture or floors, making them ideal for safety and peace of mind.

2. Low power consumption for energy economy
The hourly electricity cost for low level operation is about 0.5 cents. The monthly electricity cost is only US$1.3, making this an extremely economical product. It can also save on heating costs, since a 10% rise in humidity is said to raise the effective temperature by 1 degree.
* Electricity charges are calculated based on the rate of JPY 27 per 1 kWh used for 8 hours a day for 30 days (US$1 = JPY 110).

3. Quick humidification
Press the power button for instant spraying of micromist.


Humidification & Antibacterial

Antibacterial plates keep both the tank and the mist clean.

Special antibacterial plates are installed inside the water tank. More than 99.9% of molds and bacterias are eliminated *1. Simply by pouring in tap water, the antibacterial plates keep the tank interior clean at all times. Clean water is transformed into micromist and sprayed throughout the room for humidification while sterilizing, a function that outperforms that of conventional ultrasonic humidifiers.

*1 Measurement method: Japan Food Research Laboratories. More than 99.9% of bacteria suppressed in 24 hours according to JIS Z 2801, “Antibacterial Products - Test for Antimicrobial Activity and Efficacy”. The antibacterial function of this unit does not guarantee that generation of all bacteria will be suppressed. The base unit requires periodical cleaning.


Less White Dust

An advanced filter cartridge suppresses calcium deposits.

The generation of a white dust made of calcium components contained in tap water is a unique issue for ultrasonic type humidifiers. A high-performance ion exchange resin is used in the filter cartridge of the STEM 620 to suppress more than 99%* of white dust generation.

* Calcium-eliminating performance test for accessory cartridge using proprietary measurement method.


Scientific Design

A design that's helpful to the home and soothing to the mind.

A lush mist you can see with your eyes.

Easily keeps an entire room at ideal humidity with a misting volume of up to 600 mL/h. It produces lush clouds of moisture you can not only feel, but see — so you know it’s working.

Humidity visualizing LED

LED light for sophisticated interior design notifies the user of room humidity. Prevents condensation and supports savings on electricity charges.

The perfect height to evenly humidify an entire room.

Micro mist flows from a 855 mm high vent and reaches heights of over 2 meters in the air. Mist rises to the ceiling and evenly disperses throughout the room.

High quality, machine-cut top panel.

A reflection of both quality and convenience, the top plate is made from smooth, machine-cut aluminum that wipes clean in seconds.


Easy Maintenance

A simplified design for daily maintenance that's effortless.

Even the most sophisticated humidifier can be frustrating if it’s designed poorly—cleaning and refilling the unit has to be fast and easy. After copious testing, we ultimately designed STEM 620 with a simplified water tank structure that can be refilled from above.

A tank that opens from above makes it easy to refill.

Just slide open the cover on top of the tank and pour in water from above. The inlet is placed at the perfect height so it can be quickly and painlessly refilled from a standing position with no need to kneel, squat, or bend down.

No corners mean easy to clean.

The interior of the cylindrical tank is streamlined and smooth, with no corners or crevices. Since every inch is easy to access, it can be wiped down in seconds.

A detachable cord makes it easy to maintain.

A power cord can get in the way when an appliance needs to be moved, washed, or maintained. We made ours detachable for both convenience and safety.


Room size *1 ~ 27 m²
Humidification capacity 30 mL/h (Intermittent), 200 mL/h (Low), 400 mL/h (High), 600 mL/h (Rapid)
Product weight 4.3 kg
Sensor Temperature, Humidity, Light Sensors
LED notification Humidity, various warning signals
Tank capacity 2.3 L
Timer 1H, 4H, 8H
Rated power consumption 3 W (Intermittent), 22 W (Low), 31 W (High), 42 W (Rapid)
Dimensions Diameter 270 × H 855 mm
Replacement filter cartridge *2 CT-C620

*1 Calculated using a testing method based on JEM1426 of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association.
*2 Filter cartridge generally needs to be replaced after 6 months use depending on the hardness of the water.