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STEM Portable

cado Humidifier
Vehicle / Small space



Powerful spraying and diffusion of micromist.

Atomized water is sprayed powerfully and then diffused by the power of the fan. The area surrounding the user is filled with moisture. Place the device on a desk or bedside table, setting it at a height closer to the face, to gain an enhanced sensation of moisturization due to the visual impact of the diffused cloud.


The Portable Oasis,
for moisturizing in style even when on the go.

STEM Portable is loaded with a lithium-ion battery for quick application anywhere and at any time. The device is fully portable.

  • 01. The operation panel has a simple design

    Operating modes can be toggled between Low, Medium and High. Timer settings are selectable between 1, 2 or 4 hours. Switching settings is intuituve thanks to the simple operation panel design.

  • 02. Charge anywhere and at any time

    Connect the USB cable to a computer or a mobile battery for easy charging.
    * Fully charging the device requires about 3 hours.
    * The operating time of a fully charged device on the Low mode setting is about 15 hours.

  • 03. Compact size for portability

    Place the device in the carrying case for compact portability. Easy to carry while on the go, the device is a faithful partner when needed.


Easy maintenance since you can always carry it with you.

The device’s structure has been simplified on every level in the pursuit of stressless water filling and cleaning.
Particular considerations were made to formulate specifications for comfortable daily use.

  • 1. Water filling through a one-touch opening

    Simply twist the base unit to take out the water tank, which can then be filled with water directly from a tap.

  • 2. Replace the water sponge once a month

    The sponge should be replaced about once a month, and water in the tank must be replaced each day. This is the key to creating clean mist.


Change the light color to suit the mood or occasion.

There is more to the LED light than merely turning it on and off, as the color can be changed to your preference or turned on in graduated levels.


Humidification capacity 5 mL/h (Low), 15 mL/h (Mid), 30 mL/h (High)
Timer 1H, 4H, 8H
Product weight Approximately 500 g
Tank capacity Approximately 150 mL
Length of USB cable Approximately 0.5 m
Body colors Black, Gold, Silver
Power supply DC 5 V (car DC adapter DC 12V / 24 V)
Rated power consumption Less than 2 A
Dimensions Diameter 66 × H 180 mm
Accessories Manuals, safety precautions, warranty card, car DC adapter, USB cable, carrying case, sponge (2 pcs)



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