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ROOT 7100

cado Dehumidifier
Room size: ~ 31m²



The part of a plant which attaches it to the ground or to a support, typically underground, conveying water and nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibres.

“root.” Oxford Dictionaries. (20 May 2019)

The feeling of perfectly balanced humidity.

In nature, plants use their leaves to pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and their roots to absorb moisture from the soil. In the same way, the ROOT absorbs excess moisture from the room around it, even capturing odors and bacterias from the air. Going wherever you go, it makes every space cleaner and more comfortable by maintaining a perfectly balanced level of humidity.



High powered, high capacity.

Featuring powerful dehumidifying performance that delivers up to 7.5 liters per day to a 31 m² room with a large-capacity tank of 3.5 liters.
This unit achieves continuous dehumidification over about 12 hours.
Dehumidifying mode automatically stops the compressor and switches over to fan operation once a comfortable humidity level is reached to prevent excessive dehumidification.
Clothes Drying mode stops the compressor after automatic operation and switches over to fan operation to save on electricity costs.
A single unit serves as a dehumidifier for the room and a clothes dryer to offer a broad range of features with the most suitable operating modes.


Handle & Caster

Ingenious design: the handles and casters make it comfortable and convenient.

The device’s structure has been simplified on every level in the pursuit of stressless water filling and cleaning. Particular considerations were made to formulate specifications for comfortable daily use.


Control Panel

Easy-to-understand controls.

Icons with simple finish are used in the panel for intuitive operation.



Connect the hose for direct drainage.

Water can be discharged from the base unit by directly connecting a hose.
This feature is convenient for dehumidifying locations like laundry rooms.


Antibacterial Performance

Removes 99% of odor-causing bacteria.

Annoying odors and bacterias are decomposed and eliminated at the source by spraying the “P’s Guard” sterilizing deodorant* when the unit is used in the Dehumidifying mode or the Clothes Drying mode.
Humidity is removed while a clean space is achieved at the same time.
Use “P’s Guard” in the Clothes Drying mode to remove 99% of bacteria attached to odorous clothing from drying indoors in 240 minutes.

* P’s Guard is a sterilizing deodorant that instantaneously decomposes and eliminates germs and bacterias that it comes into contact with.

P's Guard

Deodorizing sanitizer

  • Safe to use for children
    and the elderly as well as pets.

  • Safe for electronic devices.

  • Gentle on skin.

  • Fabric colors do not fade.

  • Hardly any taste or odor,
    non-volatile and non-bleaching.

  • Elimination rate of 99.9% or more for a broad range of bacterias.

  • Remove allergens such as pollens.

  • Eliminates odor from source.

  • 【Test Laboratory】Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science
    【Test item】Cotton cloth impregnated with one causative organism of odor caused by drying clothes indoor
    【Testing Method】1. Expose the test item to the air from DH-C7000 driving a certain period of time. 2. Measure the number of bacteria after recovering the test item. The sterilization rate was measured on the basis of the conditions the dehumidifier is not operated. (This indicates the result from a testing space of approximately 25 m³ but not the actual effect in the actual space in which a dehumidifier is used.)
    【Report number】] No. 2016_1007


Dimensions W 327 × D 207 × H 682 mm
Product weight Approximately 12 kg
Tank capacity 3.5 L
Dehumidification method Compressor type
Room size ~ 27 m² (50 Hz)
~ 31 m² (60 Hz)
Dehumidification capacity*1 6.5 L/day (50 Hz), 7.5 L/day (60 Hz)
Operation mode Dehuhumidifying mode, Clothes Drying mode, Clothes Drying mode
Rated power consumption Dehuhumidifying mode (High) *2: 187 W (60 Hz), 170 W (50 Hz)
Clothes Drying mode *2: 189 W (60 Hz), 172 W (50 Hz)
Sterilizing and Deodorizing mode: 38 W (60 Hz), 35 W (50 Hz)
Sound level Dehuhumidifying mode (High): 45 dBA, Clothes Drying mode: 48 dBA, Sterilizing and Deodorizing mode: 47 dBA
P's Guard tank capacity 90 mL
LED notification P's Guard shortage, full tank water notifications
Others Automatic adjustment of humidity, Automatic stop when tank full, Automatic power off after 12-hour operation, Automatic defrosting function

*1 Dehumidification capacity per day on High model under room temperature 27 ℃ and relative humidity 60 % maintained.
*2 Room temperature 27 ℃ and relative humidity 60 %.