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cado Air Purifier
Room size: ~ 107 m²



A flattened structure of a higher plant, typically green and blade-like, that is attached to a stem directly or via a stalk.
Leaves are the main organs of photosynthesis and transpiration.

“Leaf.” Oxford Dictionaries. (February 2019)

Beauty that breathes.

Through photosynthesis, plants convert the light they absorb into life-giving oxygen and nutrients they then release back out into the world. Just like in photosynthesis, the LEAF delivers nourishing, invigorating air to your space.


The World No.1

What does it mean to be No.1 in air quality?1

For us, being No. 1 means offering the absolute highest level of both air purification technology and aesthetic design—without compromise. Performance, reliability, or style; our products are the best across every standard and we refuse to make sacrifices. Being No. 1 is our bare minimum.

No. 1 in dust collection since the product's inception.

The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is an international standard for measuring the dust collection performance of air purifiers, established by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) in the United States. It represents the amount of clean air supplied by an air purifier each minute.
The cado air purifier has achieved the highest clean air delivery rate (CADR). Since the brand was created in 2012, cado products have continued to be No. 1 in the world.

Neutralizes and removes over 99% of odors and bacterias.

cado air purifier reduces formaldehyde emitted by paint, furniture and similar items, as well as methanethiol and ammonia, which carry odor, to practically zero in one hour. At least 99.9% of bacterias, molds and bacterias are eliminated in just 20 minutes.

Operation time / 60 minutes *2
  • ホルムアルデヒド除去率(シックハウスの原因)94.9%
  • メチルメルカプタン除去率(生ゴミ臭・焼き肉臭)99.9%
  • アンモニア除去率(トイレ臭・体臭)99.4%
Operation time / 20 minutes *3
  • ウィルス除去率 99.96%
  • カビ除去率 99.96%
  • 細菌除去率 99.99%
  2. Attained the top world ranking for clean air delivery rate. The cado AP-C700 air purifier is the first product from a Japanese manufacturer that attained the world’s highest clean air delivery rate (CADR), which is a global standard for air purifiers established by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) in the United States. (As of October 2012)
  3. Results of test of odor elimination performance conducted by the Environmental Control Center Co., Ltd.
  4. Results of experiment conducted by Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science.

The world's No. 1 air purification technology.
The ultimate in premium performance and sophisticated design.

cado is the first Japanese manufacturer to achieve the top air purifier performance in the world. The first generation cado air purifier “AP-C700” achieved the world’s highest clean air delivery rate (CADR) established by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) in the United States and the “AP-C710S” that succeeded the first generation model continued to hold the world’s highest rate as well. cado air purifiers provide beautiful air at the highest level in the world and cado promises to deliver reliable performance.


Air Purification Speed

The key to effective air purification is speed.

Dust, harmful substances and bacterias suspended in air cannot be picked up once they fall to the floor, no matter how powerful a vacuum cleaner may be. This is why the “purifying speed,” which draws in all such particles before they hit the floor, is so important. The twin booster fans mounted on the AP-C710S purify 13.8 cubic meters of air every minute. A large amount of air is drawn in from air inlets and fed through the filter to deliver beautiful filtered air from the upper section of the base unit into the room. Air is circulated in large quantities at high speeds to rapidly clean contaminated air in the room before it is breathed in by anyone.


Self-cleaning filter

Filter performance that can keep up.

Filter performance is also an important factor in achieving high air purifying speeds. The filter is equipped with a self-cleaning function, and the high performance filter filters air in stages.

Self-cleaning function for a long-lasting filter.

The filter features activated carbon for absorbing odors, as well as a self cleaning function which decomposes and eliminates them with LED light using the photocatalytic technology. This cycle of operation allows the filter to restore itself and achieve long service life.

  • 1. Absorption
    Harmful substances and odors are absorbed.

  • 2. Decomposition
    Photocatalytic technology that reacts to visible light is used to decompose particles into carbon dioxide and water inside the base unit.

  • 3. Regeneration
    Self-cleaning restores the absorbing performance. A long service life for the filter is thus achieved.

A high-performance filter that catches even the smallest particles.

Air is drawn in, then filtered through stages of high performance filters with various functions. The size of particles captured by the filter is 0.09 μm*. PM2.5, with a particle diameter of 2.5 μm, most certainly cannot pass through it and is captured by the filter.

* μm = micrometer: One thousandth of 1 mm.

  1. Pre-filter
  2. Photocatalytic activated carbon filter + Special activated carbon filter (absorbs and decomposes harmful substances)
  3. HEPA type filter (inhibits proliferation of mold and bacteria)
  4. Special activated carbon filter (absorbs and decomposes harmful substances)


Beauty and Durability

A touch panel made of tempered glass for both elegance and endurance.

A Touch Panel made of tempered glass is used for the Control Panel with a simple and straightforward design. This enables a high degree of durability and comfortable operating sensations.



LEDs indicate air quality.

Three LED light colors notify invisible air conditions.
The LED light is dimmed to suit the brightness of surroundings for peaceful ambiance at bedtime.


Slightly polluted



Room size *1 ~ 107 m²
Maximum airflow *2 900 m³/h
Product weight 18 kg (including filter)
Sensor Odor sensor, dust sensor, light sensor
Body colors Stainless Black, White
Rated power consumption Min: 12 W (Low) / Max: 180 W (Rapid at 60 Hz)
Sound level Min: 34 dBA (Low) / Max: 59 dBA (Rapid)
Air outlet Front / rear (top)
Air inlet Sides (lower left / right)
Dimensions W 423 × D 297 × H 714 mm
Replacement filter FL-C710

To maintain full dust collecting, deodorizing and self-cleaning performance, change the filter when the Change Filter indicator lights up. Filter generally need to be replaced after one year use.
*1 Calculated using a testing method based on JEM1467 of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association.
*2 When operated on Rapid