cado Wins Award for Third Consecutive Year


TOKYO - February, 2019 - cado Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President & CEO: Noriyuki Koga) was awarded one of the world’s most prestigious design awards at the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019 in Germany for their latest air purifier, “LEAF 320i” equipped with Wi-Fi function. Reducing the frame to its absolute thinnest and enhancing the air circulation efficiency, the cylindrical “LEAF 320i” air purifier is just right for any living room layout. In addition, remote operation is now possible wherever you are, making any type of lifestyle safer and more comfortable.


Air purifier “LEAF 320i”

Released by air designer, cado, the “LEAF 320i” creates clean air and a pleasant atmosphere like the leaves of plants. The compact cylindrical shape not only fits in any living space, it also delivers clean air quicker with its 360-degree suction and diffusion capabilities. In addition, its powerful diagonal flow fan achieves high purification speed and self-cleaning function results in a longer lasting filter, demonstrating reliable performance. Furthermore, this is cado’s first air purifier model with Wi-Fi function, that can be operated remotely using the “cado sync” smartphone app to check the air quality of the room at a glance.



Plants receive sunlight through its leaves, absorbs water and carbon dioxide, and delivers oxygen and nutrients indispensable for us to live in this world.

Like the one leaf that performs photosynthesis as it wavers in the wind, LEAF will deliver clean air to your living space.


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