An “Atmosphere Supplement”
that Helps You
Control Your Breath



An “Atmosphere Supplement” that Helps You Control Your Breath

We have developed a new aroma diffuser and original essences from the perspective of aromatherapy that utilizes essential plant oils, based on the idea of designing the optimal atmosphere for one’s environment.
Just as you adjust the temperature and humidity of the space you are in to make it more comfortable, we propose that you select a scent and adjust the quality of your breathing. Breathing within a space filled with aroma potentially has a positive effect on mind and body, allowing you to go from simply enjoying a scent to choosing the optimal scent for refining your environment and situation.
cado’s new project is aimed at promoting health through plant-based aromas from the perspective of natural healing, as well as enriching your daily breathing and the quality of the spaces you are in.

Aroma Diffuser
Product Name: PETAL

The New Aroma Diffuser for wider space rooms.

Compact but compatible with many surroundings and extremely high diffusivity that is suitable for wider space rooms.

A Comforting Scent Redolent of Vividly Dancing Petals

Through photosynthesis, plants convert the light they absorb into life-giving oxygen and nutrients they then release back out into the world. Just like in photosynthesis, the PETAL delivers nourishing, invigorating air to your space.

Compact and Compatible with Many Surroundings

A simple appearance that goes well with any interior. Compact size at approx. 29cm width x 17cm height (approx. half the size of conventional market products) that works well in large spaces. Can be placed on floors and walls as well.

24-hour Management Possible via Easy Programming

Relaxing, refreshing, and clean. The scent and breathing quality you need depends on how your day is going. By configuring the scheduled operation mode, in which the spray patterns for two bottles can be set for each day of the week, you can create the atmosphere you need whenever you need it.

Includes a battery for more flexible usage

A lithium ion battery is included for cordless use. Can operate continuously for approx. 32 hours (*1) on a single charge. You can easily exchange our original essences yourself, which last approx. one month (*2).
*1 Assumes continuous operation at spray level 10. Differs depending on the setting conditions.
*2 Assumes using 100mL of essence for eight hours a day with spray volume of 0.4mL per hour.

A Quiet Design Perfect for Various Environments

It can be used in private spaces as well due to its quiet operation. It’s perfect for hotels, gallery entrances, showrooms and medical facilities, yoga studios, and more.

High Diffusibility

Upon performing a diffusion capacity measurement test in a space 300 ㎡ in size and 4 m high, we confirmed that it has high diffusibility.

(Overview of Test Method)
・Testing Facility: House Food Analytical Laboratory Inc.
・Test details: Performed a diffusion capacity measurement test in a space 300 ㎡ in size and 4 m high
・Essence spray amount: Approx. 0.5mL/h


Body Color
Cool Gray
Operating Mode
Continuous operation, Scheduled operation, Auto-OFF timer
Spray Level Adjustments
30 levels
Power supply
Rated power consumption
Less than 2A
Unit Dimensions
Width of approx. 291mm x Depth of approx. 93mm x Height of approx. 174mm
pprox. 4.3kg (Body only)
Manuals, safety precautions, warranty card, cradle, USB cable

Original Liquids
Product Name: Atomos.

Original Organic Liquids

Developed an aroma essence that has been certified organic by the international organic certification body COSMOS ORGANIC, ensuring that anyone can use it with peace of mind.


100% 天然精油、COSMOS ORGANIC 認証取得



Our original atmosphere essences are for use in our aroma diffuser. The most notable feature of our essences is that they consist of a blend of 99.5% organic ingredients that have been certified by the international organic certification organization COSMOS ORGANIC. What distinguishes organic varieties from 100% natural plants is that they are robustly grown using their own strength without any reliance on pesticides. The essential oils from these organic varieties pose no threat of residual pesticides when spread within a space. Breathing these in deeply allows one to bask in the powerful vitality of the plants. Our three essences, CALM, AWAKE, and CLEANSE, balance functionality with scent and are each a blend of six or more essential oils. In addition to a rich scent, you can enjoy a fully functional aromatic atmosphere.



For when you want to calm your spirits. For when you want to sleep in peace. CALM is a rich blend of essential oils with a soothing effect that will help to relax your breathing.
Main ingredients Sweet orange, chamomile roman, lavender, spruce black, other
Research and supervision: Osamu Mikami (Physician, M.D. [Neurology, psychiatry, neuroscience, industrial hygiene])
[Overview of Research]
Purpose: To investigate whether the aroma of cado’s original CALM blend has any effect on mental stimulation and comfort levels in stressful situations.
Target: 20 healthy adults age 25 to 55.
Method: Participants were split into a group that only rested after a stressful experience and a group that both rested and was exposed to the CALM scent, with fluctuations in mental stimulation and comfort levels being compared.

Improves Relaxing Effect

□ Concentration Levels (Changes in concentration levels before and after testing)
Both the control group and CALM group experienced increased levels of concentration after the stress test, with both groups exhibiting statistically significant reductions in mental stimulation with five minutes of rest after the test.

Restoration of Comfort Levels

□ Comfort Levels (Changes in mental stimulation levels before and after test)
Both the control group and CALM group experienced decreased levels of comfort during the stress test, but after five minutes of rest, while the control group exhibited no statistically significant recovery, the CALM group exhibited a statistically significant difference and an improvement in comfort levels.



For when you want to increase your concentration. For when you want to feel refreshed. AWAKE promotes bloodflow to the brain, and the main ingredient in the blend is an essential oil. Give your body, spirit, and memory a beneficial recalibration.
Main ingredients Lemon, rosemary, petit glenn, laurel, other
Research and supervision: Osamu Mikami (Physician, M.D. [Neurology, psychiatry, neuroscience, industrial hygiene])
[Overview of Research]
Purpose: To investigate whether the aroma of cado’s original AWAKE blend has any effect on concentration.
Target: 18 healthy adults age 25 to 55.
Method: Two separate rooms are prepared: one where the original blend AWAKE has been sprayed in advance, and one where unscented water has been sprayed. A “hundred cell calculation” test is performed in each room. The number of wrong answers is compared along with levels of mental stimulation and comfort to gauge the effect on the test.

Increase in Mental Stimulation

□ Number of Wrong Answers
The number of wrong answers in the AWAKE group decreased, and there is a possibility of statistically meaningful differences with a larger sample size.
Based on the results related to mental stimulation and comfort, only the AWAKE group was able to attempt the test with conditions closer to that of normal stability, and there was also a downward trend in the error rate.

(Deodorization/Infection Prevention)

(Deodorization/Infection Prevention)

For when you want to purify the air. This blend aims to have a repellent effect in spaces where people come and go and create a clean, disinfected, deodorized space.
Main ingredients Grapefruit, eucalyptus narrowleaf, geranium, clove bud
Evaluation Test Results from Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science
□ Disinfecting Performance
It was confirmed that 99.9% of bacteria were eliminated over three hours.
[Testing Facility] Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science
[Test Method] After dispersing bacteria in a 1㎥ chamber, 5mL of cado’s original Atmos. CLEANSE essential oil blend was sprayed each hour, and the level of suspended bacteria was measured periodically.
[Test Target] Suspended bacteria
[Test Results] The test results are not a demonstration of an actual usage space.
[Report Number] Hokuseihatsu 2019_2092

COSMOS Certification

A standard established by five European organic certification groups that combined to establish a single certification standard, which was announced in 2010. The standard certifies that development is carried out in a way that promotes the use of ingredients that respect organic farming and biodiversity, that uses naturally derived ingredients obtained in a sustainable manner and is gentle on the environment, and that complies with manufacturing that is considerate of humans and the environment and sustainable scientific and engineering methods that consider their impact on ecosystems. COSMOS ORGANIC and COSMOS NATURAL have each established their own standards. COSMOS ORGANIC’s standards stipulate that 95% or more of the prescribed ingredients used, excluding water and minerals, must be certified under the standards.

Satisfies Strict Global Review Standards

  • 95% to 100% of ingredients must be naturally derived
  • 95% to 100% of plant-derived ingredients (oils, extractions, butter, etc.) must be created using organic farming methods and agricultural methods that do not use genetic engineering
  • At least 20% of completed products must be created using organic farming methods
  • Ingredients other than those strictly prescribed under European standards cannot be used, and ingredients other than plant-derived ingredients must comprise 5% or less of the total.
  • All ingredients used in products must be biodegradable and not have a negative effect on the environment


À TERRE Co., Ltd.
Naho Kawano

She worked at a major apparel company and served in the select shop division as a chief manager until 2019. Inspired by the scented space during her business trip overseas, she earned a diploma in aroma design space. After that, she studied essential oil formulation, aroma perfume master, mental aroma blend and aromatherapy counseling to enlighten the awareness of "scented living" to the public. In recent years, she gives a several lectures and workshops on branding proposal and OEM development for aroma products and aroma space design while developing original products that use certified organic raw material at her own brand company, "À TERRE". On this project, she consistently supervised from the project concept planning to blending the original liquids Atmos.

Blue ink (Blue ink Inc.)

Established in January 27, 2016 (Aromatech Co., Ltd., the predecessor company was established in June 2000) Representative: Azusa Annells Since 2000, she has been Introducing a whole range of education centered on aromatherapy, spa business, and self-purchasing raw materials to product development, and enlightenment activities of the essential meaning and significance of the framework of "organic certified products", essential oils (fragrances). Her company has own COSMOS ORGANIC certified factory in Hokkaido and started selling COSMOS ORGANIC certified skin care products under her own brands “ARTQ ORGANICS” and “CUDDLE BABY” in 2018. On this project, she was in charge of procuring raw materials, obtaining international organic certification and researching the effects of original blends.


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